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Nature tattoos are often meant to symbolize our passion for the world around us; from our surroundings, to the things that wander in it. Every item in nature, however, has its own particular symbolism, and by mixing these images — either to create a scene, or a design — you can invent your own earthy, and unique piece.

Wildlife takes a strong place in nature tattoos. Wolves, tigers and lions are some of the preferred images, as they often represent varying degrees of strength and ferocity. However, many also like to use calmer creatures, such as rabbits (a symbol of bravery and tranquility) and hummingbirds. For a more unique design you could use the more obscure images of a woodpecker (a symbol of change), a raccoon (curiosity), or a whale — which is said to be a wise guardian.

Nature tattoos would be nothing without nature itself, and the vast array of plant life available can create a plethora of unique and beautiful designs. Trees are very popular in nature tattoos as they are often a symbol of wisdom; in mythology they are said to hold all of the secrets of life and death in their many branches. There are a variety of plants that hold both an aesthetic appeal and a good deal of meaning. For instance, an aloe plant — which can be seen with both straight, stark lines, or spiraling spears — is a symbol of protection and luck; a cactus can be a symbol of chastity and wisdom, and a simple cattail stalk is thought to be an emblem of prosperity.

Nature tattoos can meld together the aspects of both animal and plant life. These are often done in a portrait style; an example of this would be a small red fox wandering around a snowy plane, or climbing a rock-covered mountain. You could also create a patchwork-like pattern of wheat or ivy leaves as a background to the bust of a preferred animal.

One interesting idea to add to your nature tattoos is a literal translation of Mother Nature. There are many ways that you can go about this; you could create a feminine face melding into the background of a vast natural scene; you could also incorporate features of animals and landscape to create her figure (a waterfall for hair, rose petals for lips, owl eyes, etc.), or simply show the image of an earthy and voluptuous female figure lounging in the forest or lake.

Nature tattoos can mean a love of our surroundings, or an interest in the many symbols that it carries — either way, these designs are something that everyone can relate to.

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