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neck tattoosNeck tattoos are interesting in that they can be either extremely obvious, or very discreet, depending on where you get them. Many tattoo artists shy away from this position, but that does not hinder the desire for this bold placement, as the placement itself can make as large a statement about the wearer as the tattoo design itself.

Many neck tattoos that you will see will be placed at the back of the neck. This is an excellent spot for those who want the ability to hide their tattoo (in this case with longer hair) whenever necessary. Although the back of the neck is one of the most popular placements, many go for a bolder look and place them on the sides of the neck, or even at the throat.

Neck tattoos that are placed at either the front or the back tend to extend beyond the neck entirely. These often feature things like text, chains of metal or flowers, stars, and occasionally religious paraphernalia such as crosses. One of the more unique pieces for this style includes anatomically accurate depictions of what lies below the skin. These may show clean images, or the skin may be given the appearance of being ripped, or jaggedly cut open. This style may also appear on the sides of the neck, or encompass the whole thing from front to back.

Some people like neck tattoos that give the appearance of jewelry or other accessories. This style may include things like ribbons (which were once a symbol of solidarity amongst a specific class of women), or various types of chains. These pieces often have charms that normally lie in the jugular notch, or just below the collar bone. These charms may be of things like hearts or stars, but they may occasionally stick with the theme of jewelry, and include gems (frequently the wearer’s birthstone).

You may occasionally see neck tattoos that feature simple and beautiful designs or symbols. The most popular designs include Aztec, tribal or Celtic patterns. Some of the more popular symbols for neck tattoos include feathers, spearheads, and sometimes even gears.

Neck tattoos may be a bit too out there and obvious for some people’s tastes, but for those who get them, they are meant to be a clear statement. These statements are often found in the piece’s symbols; however, the placement makes it apparent just how important those symbols are.

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