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The meaning behind no regrets tattoos is pretty simple: the wearer wants to live his or her life to the fullest, without guilt or shame; a life full of excitement and fulfillment. The use of this style of art expresses this feeling in a simple, and frequently stylish manner.

Most no regrets tattoos are done in simple script – no symbols or embellishments, just a plain, unadorned statement. Many of these tattoos are done in a flowing cursive, or bold Gothic script. However, some people prefer to use something different in this simple piece. Ambigrams, foreign translations, Fell type fonts (with floral backgrounds), and dotted gem-like pieces are all good examples of this. You might want to add a dash of style to your basic font, like italic lettering with a gush of wind at the left side (to indicate movement); smudges or drips of ink, blood, or water falling from the text, or small designs or patterns etched into the letters.

No regrets tattoos can also show a visual depiction of living life to its fullest. For this style, you can choose an activity that you like, and pick out symbols from it to indicate that you are taking full advantage of it. Some of these may be full scenes, like a person jumping from a waterfall, performing on a stage, or acting in a dangerous, but exciting activity. Others will simply be paraphernalia that is representative of your choice. For instance, if you are a motorcycle rider, you may choose the emblem for your preferred bike, or a set of wheels or handlebars.

Symbols can also be placed in no regrets tattoos. One of the most popular for this particular style is a kanji translation of ‘no regrets.’ However, you might want to try something a bit different, like a bird or wings to express freedom, Celtic triple spirals to represent life, or a peace sign to indicate the calm that comes with taking control of your life. Your symbols do not even have to match the theme of living without regret, they may simply be items that are relevant to you personally.

Although the meaning of no regrets tattoos is pretty straightforward, the significance of its meaning can be far reaching. Everyone wants to live their life in this manner, and it is not surprising that someone who would commit themselves to living without guilt or shame should also want to express it in an equally permanent fashion.

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