Only God Can Judge Me Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

only god can judge me tattoosFor those with a religious inkling there are plenty of options when it comes to body art; however, many people like to use something simple that expresses their feelings not only towards their faith, but how they see themselves in the scope of things. One of the most popular pieces that people like to use for this purpose are only God can judge me tattoos.

Most of the only God can judge me tattoos feature this saying in an ornate script, leaving all other embellishments out. Gothic script is one of the most frequently used fonts; however, you may also see it in a beautiful and stylized Arabic or Greek script. For a more unique piece, you could also try translating your only God can judge me tattoos into kanji script.

It is not uncommon to see only God can judge me tattoos that feature other religious symbols. For instance, praying hands, angel wings; sometimes a halo, a sacred heart, or even a crown of thorns. But by far, one of the most popular symbols to go alongside this saying is the cross. Some may choose to feature a heavily detailed crucifix with a portrait-like image of Jesus hanging from it; others may prefer to use a simple Latin or Celtic cross. You could also create a stone or metallic-like Gothic cross which features a good amount of detail, and etch the words along the arms.

Although less frequently seen, some people prefer to use a more unconventional bent to their only God can judge me tattoos. For instance, you could create a large scene showing things of importance to you, such as children, pets or the paraphernalia of a specific hobby. You could also wrap the words around the planet; entwine flowers and vines into the lettering, or make a mash of letters, that all come together to create a puzzle-like appearance.

There are many things that you can do with this particular piece, but whether you invent an over the top image, or simply express yourself with this saying, you are certain to make a statement about yourself and your beliefs.

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  1. Quintessa Qualls Said,

    i like this pic

  2. Sam Said,

    What font style of writing is the tattoo in the 12th picture? <<< mail me if you know please! :)

  3. Malik Shipley Said,

    I just got the “Only God Can Judge Me” tattoo last night for my 16th bday everyone loves. Loves the meaning…

  4. owen Said,

    i want a tattoo with a cross and only god can judge me on the inside can anyone help me find a good one?

  5. marty Said,

    love the meaning thinking of getting 1 next week

  6. sade Said,

    how long does it take to get n 21 done

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