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Although most tattoos carry significant meaning, penguin tattoos are a rare exception. Instead of being a deep and meaningful piece to its wearer, penguin tattoos are simply a fun bit of whimsical body art.

Most penguin tattoos are made up in the cartoon style. These birds are often seen as endearing, and even cute. These qualities are regularly played up either by their appearance, or with added props. For example, the penguin may have exceptionally large eyes that carry a sweet expression; they may have very plump bodies, and look as if they are waddling around. As for props, this may be something as simple as a wintry cloche hat with a daisy in the brim, or a scarf wrapped casually around its neck.

Cartoon styled penguin tattoos do not always have to be cute. Many penguin tattoos feature this creature in action; a penguin riding a surf board in icy water, in a round of fisticuffs with a polar bear, or — playing off their coloring — a debonair penguin with top hat waltzing with his curvaceous female equivalent.

Penguin tattoos may leave behind the cartoon style entirely and have a sleeker look. One idea is to depict the basic outline of the bird, perhaps filling in small, oblong shapes to show the beak, flipper and part of the back. You may also create a more modern style and use clear, circular lines to define the body, and multiple shades of vivid blues, black and gray to give it a more dimensional effect. If you do not want to step away entirely from a bit of kitsch, you could create a robotic penguin; this could have a variety of colors for a metallic look, and have guns blazing from its flippers, jets bursting around its tail, or even lasers shooting from its eyes.

Penguin tattoos are rather uncommon. This is surprising because despite the fact that they may not be laden with meaning, they are undoubtedly one of the most charming and imaginative pieces around.

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  1. Dave West Said,

    I’m gonna get me a blab blab tattoo :)

    Maybe i’ll draw mittens them tattoo him on me….

    On the subject of blablabs, my Pingu APPARENTLY is gonna die in 6 months ! Oh Noes !

    so maybe i’ll get me a blabblab in honour of him…. yep, that i’ll do…

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