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Pirate tattoos tend to invoke all the feelings that go along with the history; excitements, danger, maybe even a touch of rebellion. Early sailors of the western world made this art form a bit more acceptable. They helped spark the creative urge that has impressed itself upon this generation and many before us. Pirates themselves have also sparked our imaginations for many centuries. The stories of intrigues, fighting and the sea call forth a strong and fantastic image for many people.

Pirate tattoos are no different than the stories they often depict. They are often colorful and bold. Many people like to use the infamous fictional and real life characters in their art. It is easy to create a scene of a pillaging pirate in battle, such as Blackbeard (who was often dressed to the teeth in weapons).

Other people prefer to use symbols, rather than scenes. In this instance, there are many images that can be used; a large tattoo of an ‘X’ marked map; the very recognizable flag featuring the skull and crossbones; a large bird placed on a shoulder; pirate ships, and even overflowing treasure chests.

A popular image is that of a skull pirate. This shows the skull with an angry grimace, or broad, sinister chuckle, and usually wearing a bandanna and pirate hat. Some will even show a sword clutched in the skull’s jaws, or placed upon an anchor. Some people like to include other symbols with it, such as flames or agitated waves; wrapped in seaweed, or surrounded in gold coins and jewels.

Another popular visage is the pinup pirate. These pirate tattoos tend to be a bit softer, but equally brazen. They are often seen wearing a skimpier version of regular pirate garb (striped skirt; thin, long sleeved shirt, belt and black bandanna), and lounging or straddling familiar nautical objects.

If you have a desire for romance, adventure and all things connected with the sea, pirate tattoos are a marvelous option and will be a great expression of your own audacious nature.

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