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Although many pitbull tattoos feature this animal in a depiction that shows the aggressive and ferocious traits that this breed is known for, many people get this style of art to show their love for this often misunderstood beast.

Many pitbull tattoos feature only the head, face and occasionally shoulders of this dog. This style can range from a cute cartoon image to a fierce creature baring its sharp teeth. It is not uncommon to see the strong features of a pitbull’s face, lined in an angry expression, with close-cropped ears and cold, savage eyes. The eyes in many pitbull tattoos often tell the most; they are frequently done in a demonic red, have fire or ice reflected in them, or show the image of a small, scared creature looking back at the dog. For a cartoon style, many people like to keep with the theme of a combative animal, and show a large eyed, large bodied, tiny eared pitbull with a spiked collar carrying an arm or leg, or shaking (with slobber and all) a person or animal.

Another example of common pitbull tattoos is the portrait style. These are used most frequently by people who have a soft spot for the breed, or the wearer may use a photo of their own pitbull. These usually show a much more docile version of this animal, and may show a bust or full body image. They are often done in color, but may also be done in monotone shades; occasionally only the barest outlines may be used for this style. This design is also frequently used as a memorial piece to a well loved pitbull.

Some pitbull tattoos use this animal in a fantasy style. Given their strong, sturdy frame, broad head, and unusual features, these beasts can make for a perfect addition to a mythically themed piece. One example would be to create a chimera-like creature, for instance you could use the head and frame of a pitbull and add wings, a lion’s mane and the tail of an alligator. You could also depict the pitbull as Orthrus — the two-headed dog of Greek mythology — standing alongside its master Geryon.

Due to their brute strength, menacing appearance and poor reputation, some people see pitbulls as something to fear. However, to those that love them, they are the perfect animal. This combination of good and bad, fear and love, makes for a great symbol, and reason enough all by itself to use this interesting design.

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  1. shay Said,

    i love pit bulls they r my idel and i have 2 they rock

  2. Terra Said,

    I love Pittbulls they are my fave and I have three of them. I dont think that people should say that they are all bad becuase its the way you raise them that will depict if they are bad or not. I like all pitts know matter if they are mean or not you can always tame them into being nice.

  3. Alissa Said,

    Pitbulls are the best!!! I will never own any other breed of dog! We have 4 pits and we love them to pieces!!! :o )

  4. cara Said,

    nice nice tattoos.!!

  5. Dee Said,

    I want a pitbull tattoo so bad but there are so many tattoo artists that just destroy how they look. Almost all these here are terrible and ugly and if they were on me I would be embarrassed to let anyone see them. Only pic 6, 15 and 17 are any good. 3 out of 22 tattoos is not very good odds.

  6. Kyle Said,

    pitbulls are the straight shit. there not mean like everybody thinks. i have 6 and they only get mean if your doing wrong. nice designs

  7. Kelsey Said,

    Pitbulls are my favorite breed ive had one in my life since i was 4 and theyve all be sweet funny wonderful friends…. I want a pitbull tattoo because i want their breed to be saved.and allllll these dumbass tattoos people have of vicious looking pits should be beat. We’re trying to show how great they are!

  8. chico Said,

    this breed will ALWAYS survive,BSL in USA,RAD in HOLLAND,these 1940 laws wont stop em!everybody is scared of pits cause theyre strong,like racists’.Give what you want(respect)it ll be ALL right.I have5 now,amstaffs and pits,the best!!

  9. Abbe Said,

    their just like any other dog if you are mean or train them to be..they will be.
    i love pit bulls!
    it’s my dream to own one

  10. Debbie Said,

    I have 2 pitts.They are the best. Sweetest dogs ever. I didn’t train them to be mean and they aren’t. I am a meter reader. Dogs aren’t the real problem. The owners are the problem,if they are raised mean ,they are going to be mean no matter what breed or even mixed!!!!

  11. Megan Said,

    I adopted my first pit a year ago this month. It came to be one of the best decisions I ever made. I couldn’t be more proud to be a pit owner. I love my Blaze so much, I could never ask for a better dog. Im tired of this breed being misunderstood. They are the most loving and loyal dog any owner could ever ask for.

  12. lilbit Said,

    pitbulls r the best to do if u dnt think so u aint no friend of mine…..

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