Quote Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Quote tattoos are one of the most frequently seen script styles. This design usually shows short, one line phrases that have a deep meaning to the wearer; they may also have short chapters, lines or quotes from longer books or texts.

One example of the longer style is religious quote tattoos. These often feature excerpted quotes from prominent biblical figures; they may also include words of wisdom from Buddhist, Judaic, or Hindu scripts. These are sometimes done in their native tongues, but are usually translated into the wearer’s most fluently spoken language. The letters for this style range from bold Gothic script, to a soft flowing cursive, and generally show the quotes by themselves. However, some people prefer to create a border around their quotes. These borders may represent symbols from their chosen religion, or they may simply feature designs or patterns that the wearer finds appealing or attractive.

Many people prefer quote tattoos that feature either famous or obscure sayings from their favorite authors, philosophers, or even their favorite films. These quotes often express something that speaks to the wearer — whether it be something that touches them, or amuses them. Some of the most popularly quoted thinkers include Oscar Wilde, Plato, Aristotle, and Friedrich Nietzsche. One interesting take on this particular style would be to use quotes from some of the better known psychologists, and perhaps even cull these quotes from some of their more controversial texts.

Most people prefer quote tattoos that feature saying that express who they are as individuals, or certain characteristics they see in themselves. Some of the most popular of these quotes include saying that represent fighting through adversity, strength and courage under pressure, and an unyielding hope for the future. Many of these quotes are by known authors; however, just as many remain anonymous, while other people may quote those that are dear them such as family members, children, or friends.

Love and freedom quote tattoos are also quite popular, and are often surrounded by items that represent a visualization of the words themselves. You might see a short quote written in cursive and shaped into a scrolling heart; you may also see bird wings sprouting from the edges of a quote about a free spirit. For a more unique approach to either of these symbols, you could simply show the words etched into either of these symbols to create a more permanent look.

The more tattoos you see, the more quote tattoos will become obvious. Although quotes may not be the central point of any given piece, many people like to include them to enhance their art, and give it a little extra meaning.

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  1. Jacob Said,

    okkay 3rd row, 4th picture….didn’t that hurt like a B!!!……o what does it say?

  2. hollywood Said,

    ‘id rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring’, its a marilyn monroe quote.

  3. august Said,

    i’m getting my tattoo this summer.
    i want it to be a qoute.
    the one i like is “what nourishes my soul, also destroys it.”
    it will be down my side.
    but i want to have a smaller shorter quote to put onto my wrist. it will be done in a few weeks. the idea i had was “love is my weapon.” but it’s too long for my wrist. so i’m having it put on my chest after i’m 18.

    any quote ideas to put on my wrist?

  4. ana Said,

    1st row 5th picture
    what language is that and what does it mean?
    beautiful tattoo

  5. Juanita Said,

    Ana, it’s German but I’m not sure what it says.
    I’m trying to figure that out right now lol.

  6. Juanita Said,

    Ana, it’s German but I’m not sure what it says yet.
    I’m trying to figure that out right now.

  7. Juanita Said,

    Ana, I figured it out.
    It means ‘One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.’

  8. kaylaa Said,

    3rd row , 4th picture .. does anyone know what font that is ?

  9. danna Said,

    beautiful. i need a quote.. i can’t exactly choose one. and suggestions?

  10. Jade Said,

    the boob tattoo what font is that.

  11. Simon Said,

    Its Only After We’ve Lost Everything, That We’re Free To Do Anything – ive just had that on my ribs.

  12. Nik Said,

    1st row 6th…….fight club :)

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