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Sanskrit tattoos are without question one of the most stunning and unusual text pieces around. Although this ancient language is now predominantly used ceremonially, it is widely considered to be one of the few root languages in existence, and thus, can make for a truly unique and beautiful design in many forms of art, including body art.

As is to be expected, some of the most popular Sanskrit tattoos include spiritual, or generally enlightening quotes. One of the most well known, and by for the mostly commonly used is the Ohm (or Aum) symbol. This simple emblem represents many things, from God to peace, female, male and all other energies that exist in this world. It is also quite popular because it can be made large enough to fit onto vast areas of the body, or small enough to be hidden and discreet. In this style, many people prefer to stick with a theme and use either Buddhist or Hindu quotes or proverbs that have a certain significance to the wearer like, “All know the way, but few actually walk it,” from the Bodhidharma, or “He who does kind deeds becomes rich.” Less frequently, some may choose to translate other words or sayings into Sanskrit texts. These may include quotes from other religions, english proverbs, or even poems or lyrics.

Some Sanskrit tattoos will feature a variety of symbols and images that stick with the Buddhist or Hindu theme. These usually depict the images of well known figures such as Buddha, Krishna, or Shiva. Other designs that keep up with the theme may include Dharma Wheels, lotus flowers, endless knots, or trihsulas. Animals may also make great symbols when following this subject, as they have a good deal of meaning unto themselves, and they also play a large part in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Although it is less frequently seen, some people like to incorporate symbols or styles that do not fit into a particular theme. For example, you may see Sanskrit tattoos that feature large block letters; usually you will see an image placed into the block letters. These images may occasionally show deities, lotus flowers, or other religious symbols; however, they often show a variety of different pictures, like snakes, faces of loved ones, or scenes in nature. You may also see Sanskrit tattoos that are entwined with things like stars, vines or flames.

Sanskrit tattoos are not only aesthetically appealing, they can also add a touch of spirituality and tradition to your piece that you may not have otherwise had.

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  1. archana Said,

    what does the 14th tattoo mean?

  2. Karen Said,

    What does the first one mean (the one that has no number attached the file name, and is a circular image with a symbol in the middle and writting around it)?

  3. Sooraj Said,

    @archana: dats a tibetian tatoo…dats a mani mantra…”om mani padme hum”…

  4. smitha Said,

    the symbol is just Om(with additions to it i guess), the script is just a very wellknow chant(mantra) called as gayatri mantra.

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