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Script tattoos are favored because of the beautiful and often personal touch that they add to any piece of body art. Many people like to get them to express a certain feeling, or show love or respect to a certain person; however, many others add script to their body art as a means to compliment a much larger picture.

Many of the script tattoos that you will see are simple, but elegant pieces that show only the letters themselves. These often say things like ‘love,’ ‘joy,’ or ‘no regrets.’ Many like to add quotations that are relevant to them, and others like to add longer quotes, song lyrics, bible verses, or other religious sayings. Some people also like to use names of loved ones, friends, and occasionally even pets. There are a variety of scripts to choose from. For example, you may decide on a loose, but stylish Zaner-Bloser script; you might choose a more flowing italic Getty style, or you may go for a simple tearless cursive scrawl. For a more unique and personal touch, you could always use your own, or a loved one’s handwriting as inspiration.

Script tattoos are often added in with a more ornate piece. Most commonly, this style is utilized for portraits or memorial pieces, and say things like ‘in loving memory,’ or ‘dedicated to.’ They also have names, dates, and other pertinent adages. Sometimes people like to include a more religious significance to this particular style. For instance, you may see a Buddhist prayer wrapped into the spokes of a dharma wheel; you might also see a bible verse written throughout a Latin cross, or across the wings of a white dove.

Some script tattoos remain simple, with only a few added accoutrements. The items may include things like backdrops or borders. The borders may be made of anything from heavy chain link, to dainty spiral patterns; while the backdrops might be of open books, scrolls, or aged parchment paper. Sometimes people like to add small symbols of relevance and entwine them into the script, or even dot the letters with them.

Script tattoos are generally quite basic, and are a perfect piece for someone who wants something simple, graceful, and deeply personal. They are also a great addition to any larger piece of body art, and are a straightforward way of expressing who you are, and what you love in your own life.

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  1. Danielle Gerbrandt Said,

    Hey i was thinking of getting the word Love scripted on my ribs, any ideas for me or any pictures i can use to relate my ideas with

  2. Melbin Said,

    i was thinking of a tatto…which as 2 b in illuminti…which can be read from left-right nd right-left….

  3. kayla Said,

    omg danielle im getting that same one except the word love is written in my grandmas handwritting cause she died like 3 yearsago so mines like a tribute to her

  4. Brenda Said,

    HELP I want a garter belt script tattoo with a saying from the phil collins song: the end of the night. (The hurt doesnt show …its no stranger to you or me) in memory of my boyfriend bc he looooved this song. I think its too negative. any ideas for another saying?

  5. Phil Said,

    I just got “NO FATE” down the back of my arm

  6. Dan Said,

    I want to have all 3 of my kids names tatooed onto my calf. Cant thing of a design or a good script. Any help?


    I will send you the photos of the work if you design it.

  7. Alisha Said,

    I’m looking for a scripture tattoo to go on my ribs (left side) for to symbolize all the friends and family i have lost in my 19 years of living from my sister to my best friend. Anyone have any ideas?

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