Seahorse Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Other than having an otherworldly appearance, seahorse tattoos are also emblems of grace and creativity. This eye catching tattoo is often seen as cute, but it can be done in a variety of styles, thus you can create as elegant and creative of a piece as this image is a symbol of.

The dilemma that many people face when searching for seahorse tattoos is choosing the right style. Two of the most popular styles are cute cartoon images, and what appears to be an angry, inflamed creature. Though these are two interesting and viable options, there are many more to choose from.

More refined seahorse tattoos can be done in a style that looks embossed, or even carved. This style can be done in lush, velvety solid colors, metallic hues or — for a more interesting look — have a marbled or wood-like appearance. For added effect, you can throw in gems, flowers or highly stylized waves. You can also create a scene with the water and add things like coral and seaweed to the background.

Many people prefer fantasy seahorse tattoos. Although similar in nature to the cartoon style, these are often less cute, and more chimerical. These seahorse tattoos often morph the image of a unicorn, dragon or even alien. They are usually surrounded by waves or stars, but occasionally a wave-like design of fire is substituted. One idea for this style would be to have either a fairy, or mermaid straddling the back of the fantasy seahorse, while riding off into the ocean.

It is not uncommon to see seahorse tattoos that incorporate other symbols. One of the more popular depictions is the image of two seahorses melding together into the shape of a heart. Another favored image is the jagged lower body of the seahorse bursting into flame. For a tougher and more unique depiction, you could curve the body into the pointed shape of a shuriken.

Although there are many inventive ideas that can be used for seahorse tattoos, many people still prefer a simple, refined black outline. However you choose to design this image, though, you are certain to grab some positive attention.

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