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Scroll Tattoos

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Scroll tattoos are generally used as a decorative border and — unless combined with other symbols — are usually without a meaning of their own. However, many people like to use scroll tattoos when they want to express something with words instead of art, but would still like to have a dash of style in their piece.

The majority of scroll tattoos you will see will be either an unrolled (and often quite aged) piece of parchment paper, or a slender scroll rolled across another symbol, such as a heart. Long poems and verses most commonly fill in the blanks of these scrolls; however, for something a little different you could create an ancient-looking painting within the body of the paper. You could also re-shape the aged parchment into a flower, with different words or symbols written in a flowing cursive on each petal. Also, instead of placing the scroll over a heart, you could try making a heart of the scroll — a small roll at each tip of the heart, maybe ripped or bearing a well loved quote, or the name of someone dear to you.

Many scroll tattoos feature the unmistakeably stylish curlicue scroll patterns. Although they may occasionally be seen on their own, they are usually used to frame, or enhance pictures, symbols or words. One good example of this would be to create a border with the Double C scroll: for this you could use four long Double C scrolls with the curlicues facing outward. You might also use the “S” scroll under a word or paragraph, or you could also create a tree or flower design by combing the “C,” Double C, and “S” scrolls. Some people also like to use these designs to elongate or elaborate on more simple designs like crosses or yin yangs.

Some people like to use scroll tattoos in unusual ways, or make their scrolls a little different. For instance, you may see a traditional parchment scroll wrapped around an arm or a leg. You may also see the scroll made out of snake skin, or with the tail and wings of a dragon. You could also create a flaming scroll, or even a worn old treasure map.

Even without a lot of significant meaning of its own, between the ancient parchment that bears beautiful words, and the stunning and classical curls that swoop and swirl, you will find that scroll tattoos are aesthetically versatile, and simply delightful.


Peace Sign Tattoos

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The peace sign can be seen everywhere from t-shirts, to posters, bumper stickers, to key chains. The meaning for this simple symbol has expanded over time to mean many things other than its original symbolism of peace; it has also become an emblem for anti-war, and marks an association with hippie culture. Given all of the appreciation and acclaim it has received, it is not surprising that – especially in modern times – peace sign tattoos have become very popular.

Most peace sign tattoos show this symbol in a very basic form. It is usually just a simple black circle with a downward facing, three pronged fork. However, although many people like to stick with simplicity in design, they may also like to make their tattoo a bit more colorful and bold. For instance, you may see peace sign tattoos with melting rainbow colors; a raised, 3-D effect; or simple sparks of color throughout a black body.

Peace sign tattoos are often mixed with other symbols. You may see a rose vine wrapping around the prongs with blossoms bursting at random spots; you may also see the peace sign made entirely of vines, or even sprouting thorns (which is meant to symbolize a guarded peace). One idea is to etch this sign on the back of a tortoise shell. This mixture of symbols is not only eye-catching, but meant to express a feeling of serenity within one’s own ‘shell.’ Other popular symbols that are regularly entwined with peace sign tattoos are flames, cannabis leaves, and hearts.

It is not uncommon to see peace sign tattoos that are morphed into other emblems. One great example of this is the combination of the peace and yin yang signs, where the black and white are divided between the prongs, and the two small circles mingle amongst them on either side. You might also see the peace sign sprouting from a tree; shooting through space like a star, or turned into a Latin cross. An interesting idea would be to set the middle prong of the peace sign to reach from the top to the bottom of the caduceus symbol; the other two extending into the wings, and a circle surrounding the whole.

Peace sign tattoos have become common for a reason: they are familiar icons that have persevered through the generations, marking not only peace, but love, understanding, and perhaps even a bit of hope for the world around us.


Water Tattoos

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Water is cleansing, beautiful; sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous. It, like fire, can either sustain life or take it away. This seemingly innocent element holds a power that can be unimaginable, and for these reasons alone, water tattoos have become one of the most sought after symbols. However, water has also held its place in stories, myths, religions and astrology, and thus can be used in an almost endless amount of artistic depictions.

Many water tattoos show this element by itself. For example, you could show frothy waves wrapped around an arm or a leg; you could create a moon-shaped crescent out of a roiling ocean; you could create a spiraling whirlpool, a small placid lake, or a simple splash of blue water. You could also include other elements, creatures or natural objects, like surrounding a hot, fiery sun with a bubbling pool of water; a lily appearing to be dropped and splashing in a lake; or a mermaid gliding down a waterfall.

It is not uncommon to see water tattoos that depict one of the many stories that water appears in. One of the most popular depictions is, of course, of Venus (or Aphrodite) rising from the sea. However, there are many stories you could call your imagery from; for instance, you could create a sort of yin yang theme with clear, clean blue water and soiled, dark water to symbolize the Zoroastrian belief that the clean water is good and sacred, while the polluted water is thought to be an emblem of wickedness and evil. You could also create a vague but stunning image of the Scottish myth of Ashrays. In the story, these creatures were entirely translucent and lived beneath the water. For this, you could use a fading blue outline of a human figure, with glimmering white lines to give the appearance of waves within.

Many people prefer to use a Japanese style for their water tattoos. These styles can range from characters to woodblock, from symbols to paintings. Many of these styles feature flared slashes to represent a wild dash of water, or may take a more literal approach, as in woodblock and painting styles. They are usually done in white and blue tones, but can also be seen in red, orange and green.

The mutability of this element makes water tattoos a great option when you want to be inventive with your body art. Its beauty, symbolism and worldwide appeal make it a great option overall.


Lizard Tattoos

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There are two main reasons why people get lizard tattoos; the first being that lizards are seen as a symbol of regeneration and may be used by a person who has narrowly escaped what was or would have been a very bad situation. The second being the simple fact that lizards are fascinating. They have a distinctive look that can be found nowhere else in either the natural, or unnatural world.

The majority of lizard tattoos are created in a cartoon style. One of the most popular lizards for this style is the gecko. This small creature with its colorful body and uncanny ability to stick to surfaces make them a great choice for lizard tattoos. Most geckos have a stunning green hue, with spots of yellow and blue lining their legs, tail and around their eyes. Some people choose to invert the coloring, or add purples, reds and pinks to the scheme. Many people also like to add other symbols; they may choose to create a line of flowers going up the lizard’s back, flames shooting out from the back of its feet, or have its tail wrapped around a yin yang symbol. Chameleons can also make for an interesting design. A unique idea would be to have part of the lizard’s body in its natural color, whilst the other half appears to be melding into the color of your own skin.

More stylized lizard tattoos are also quite common. A few examples of this are the tribal, Aztec and Celtic lizards. Tribal lizard tattoos can either have simple lines, or be very ornate; both of these styles generally tend to take one long, black line that will curve into many spherical branches, or many straight and sharp branches. The Aztec lizards tend to use more natural colors of green and brown, and use well defined geometrical patterns for the lizard’s back and tail. Celtic lizard tattoos, like the tribal variation, are mostly done in monotone colors. They often feature Celtic knots, or loop chain designs to create the body of the lizard.

Given the fact that their meaning is quite simple, lizard tattoos are not seen as often as others may be. However, this may be a good thing, as your tattoo will certainly be quite unique, not to mention a lot of fun.


Tiger Tattoos

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Fierce, wild and camouflaged in the sun and the shadows, the tiger is said to symbolize ferocity, passion and strength. In most Asian countries, the tiger is thought to be the “King of Beasts,” and is seen as a symbol of power. Tiger tattoos often show an illustrated version of these meanings.

Many tiger tattoos are done in a realistic fashion; they often look as though they have been drawn whilst watching the animal live and in its natural habitat. Other designs, though, appear in a woodblock mode. These tigers are highly stylized; their shapes are long and fluidic. They may also appear in several different stances; on the prowl, lounging in the sun, and they may even occasionally be shown in a more languid manner, such as sitting under a tree while licking a large paw clean.

Tiger tattoos can depict the beast in nature. Not only can you create a portrait of a tiger in the wild, you can utilize the unique markings to combine it into its setting. One idea is to borrow from the flowing woodblock style and show the lines of the tiger as branches from a dark, or even burnt tree. You may also show the tiger melding in with the darkness of the night sky or brightness of a hot sun.

You can also choose from one of the many Asian symbols for your tiger tattoos. In Chinese astrology, the tiger is the third sign of the zodiac and can be seen in many different designs. You can pluck yours directly from the art seen during Chinese New Year. This tiger is often shown with a wild expression, large eyes in a round head, with a gaping, pointed tooth mouth. This design can be done in a variety of bold colors, but is seen most often in bright reds. Another example would be to use one of the many Hindu gods astride an exceptionally large tiger. Many people also like to use the tiger in position next to a dragon in the yin yang symbol. Both symbols of power, they tend to show the strength of both heaven and earth.

Your tiger tattoos may be a symbol of your own passion, or simply a sign of respect for this highly revered creature. Either way, you will find that this bold design will make a strong statement of who you are.


Dolphin Tattoos

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tattoo designsFor many people, dolphin tattoos may symbolize several things; wisdom, freedom and even a love for the open waters. Women and men everywhere are beginning to take a great liking to this design, especially those who have an affinity for the ocean and all the life within it.

One of the most popular images for dolphin tattoos is the appearance of a dolphin leaping forth from a spray of water. One interesting variation to this device is giving a portion of the skin the look of an undulating body of water, while the head of the dolphin appears to push its way through the surface.

Dolphin tattoos may also showcase an assortment of symbols and patterns. Rather than using realistic waves, you can include blue tribal designs, or even scrollwork waves. There is a variety of symbolism that can be used, such as dolphins encircling a globe within a tide pool; bicolored dolphins enmeshed to create a yin yang symbol; or even a Celtic knot, with three tails joined in the center. Boldly colored dolphins can also create a unique heart emblem, with fins meeting, bodies curved and noses touching in the appearance of a kiss.

Dolphin tattoos are frequently seen in a cartoon style. However, some people prefer to use a more realistic approach and create something akin to a portrait. For those with a more scientific interest, recreating the anatomical structure that can be seen in nearly any marine biology book may make for a unique take on dolphin tattoos. The divergent skeletal structure of these creatures may also make for an interesting twist on both dolphin and skeletal tattoos.

Given that many people get dolphin tattoos because of a personal bond or attraction they feel with them, you may also use the ‘man and beast’ style of art. This could be depicted as a human swimming in step with this mammal, or the fusion of the swimming man with the dolphin; either man becoming dolphin, or vice versa.

So whether your fondness for this design is due to aesthetic interest, or it is because of a more personal link, dolphin tattoos will show your engaging spirit and remain a reminder to enjoy your life and your freedom.

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Turtle Tattoos

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It may seem strange to some why a person would get a turtle printed on their body, but given that turtle tattoos are said to be a symbolization of wisdom, patience and even a sign of longevity, the whole idea makes a lot more sense.

Many turtle tattoos show this creature in a more realistic fashion; a brown head and limbs with shells that range in color from green and yellow, to varying shades of reds and browns. Some may choose to make their turtle tattoos brighter, using bold sea colored blues, neon greens and light purples. It is also fairly common to see a turtle with its literal shape, but with a variety of other symbols placed upon its shell, such as flowers, peace and yin yang signs.

Turtle tattoos can either be placed by them self, or within in a scene. There are many stories that go along with this fascinating reptile, and these stories can be used to create fantastic pictures. One example of this is the myth that the Earth is carried on the back of a large turtle. For this story, you can depict the turtle floating just below the surface of the ocean with a large forest upon its shell; you can also show the turtle with its back facing the onlooker. This depiction can be made very elaborate with small towns and cities, forests, people and other animals.

Many people like to spice up their turtle tattoos by mixing the turtle with other creatures. Some of the most common mixtures include fire breathing dragons, winged angels and occasionally, broadly grinning demons. Another variation are tribal and calligraphy designs. These two styles vary, but are similar in the fact that the lines are often quite dark and sharp. The tribal style will often feature a well rounded head and pointed fins, with an intricate design on the back. The calligraphy approach generally shows broad, sweeping strokes, as if printed directly from a pen.

Many people also like to use a cartoon style in their turtle tattoos. Some people like to use something akin to a comic strip; large, almost detached eyes and a large grin, with a heavy shell that looks similar to a loose sweater. There can also be props in this style, like boxing gloves, crowns and sometimes even homes carried on their back.

So whether you simply have an affinity for these peaceful creatures, or feel that these brave and steady reptiles connect with your own personality, turtle tattoos are a unique way to express yourself.


Rose Tattoos

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tattoo designsRose tattoos have a surprising history and carry a good deal of symbolism. In the 16th century, rose tattoos were given to prisoners who were sentenced to death. Today, though, the meaning has undergone a massive change. Rose tattoos are now often associated with romance and love. They are can also symbolize deep religious respect (as the red rose is seen as a representation of the blood of Jesus Christ), death and even beauty.

When getting a rose tattoo, it is important to remember that each color has its own significance. For instance, orange represents desire; white means purity; red means love, etc.

After choosing the color, you can decide on a design. Though a lot of rose tattoos have a distinctly feminine appeal, there are also more masculine aspects that can be intertwined with the image. Many people choose a tribal rose tattoo as opposed to the more literal depiction. The dark colors and sharp edges make this a great unisex choice. Roses can also be used in designs featuring crosses, skulls, angels and even koi fish (which are a well known symbol of masculinity).

rose tattoosSome people like to use a more striking image in their rose tattoos. For instance, a monotone scene — a portrait of a person, a scroll with stylized writing — with a large, bold red rose growing alongside of it.

Rose tattoos can also be used alongside the yin and yang symbol. The rose is usually seen as a symbol of femininity, whereas the thorns on a rose are generally a symbol of masculinity. Showing dark and light, thorned roses intertwined, placed in a similar manner as the yin and yang, may create a similar meaning — that is, male and female; light and dark, and balance as a whole.

Rose tattoos can be big and bold, or small and monotone. They can be intricate or simple. But whatever way you decide to go about featuring the rose, it can be an expression with a good deal of meaning and emotion attached.


Chinese Tattoos

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tattoo designsChinese art has always been a symbol of elegance and beauty, but over the last decade Chinese tattoos have had an explosion in popularity. The evidence of this can be seen in nightclubs, college campuses and celebrity photos, amongst other places. But what, besides the beauty of the art, would make these tattoos so popular? The main reason is that Chinese symbolism can be used to express so much, while still remaining simple and clean.

One of the most recognizable examples of this are kanji symbols. Though kanji writing has been adopted in Japan, the Chinese style of kanji has some modest differences and a wider vocabulary. These tattoos are often seen expressing certain emotions such as love, peace and even friendship.

Another common example in Chinese tattoos is the Yin and Yang. The exact meaning of this symbol is perfect balance. Each side represents a contrast; Yin being dark, earthly and female, Yang being light, airy and male. However, there are several ways people use this symbol, there is the classic round piece to start. Then the Yin and Yang enclosed in a lotus flower, the lotus flower being a another symbol of balance, not to mention perfection and purity. You can also do a Yin and Yang eye, which represents both an internal and an external balance; or a Yin and Yang heart, which can mean a balance of emotions.

chinese tattoosOne of the more striking pieces in Chinese tattoos is the dragon. Once associated with criminals, it has since become something of a trend in popular culture. The draw of this particular piece is that the dragon is seen as a symbol of power and even mystery. Many people, though, get these tattoos for aesthetic purposes without knowing exactly how they differ. For instance, a yellow dragon without horns is renowned for its knowledge, while a horned dragon is known to be the strongest of creatures.

Create beautiful scenes. For instance, bamboo — which is considered a symbol of longevity for its strength and resilience — and clouds as a backdrop to cranes, who are considered signs of wealth, long life and power; or deer, who are similarly thought to represent longevity through endurance and grace.

Chinese tattoos have long been associated with their meaning and each individual has their own reason, be it an expression of who they are, or who they want to become; a symbol of change in their life, or a reminder of those they love most. What makes a Chinese tattoo perfect is the variety and simplicity, being able to convey strong emotions with small symbols, not to mention that they will always be aesthetically powerful and graceful.

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Koi Fish Tattoos

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tattoo designsIn general, koi fish tattoos are meant to represent perseverance in the face of adversity, strength, determination and the will to achieve worldly goals. These pieces are often worn by those who have undergone or are currently trying to overcome hardships in their lives. However, this particular piece of art is also frequently used for purely aesthetic reasons, as these beautiful fish fit perfectly into nearly any Asian-inspired design.

Although there is some debate on this fact, many believe that the number of fish, the direction they swim in and the colors used can alter the meaning of koi fish tattoos. For instance, a school of seven gold-colored fish is thought to bring about sudden wealth, while seven red fish and a single black one is representative of prolonged wealth that is protected from any evil-doing. To some, the direction in which the koi fish swims is thought to be an expression of sexual orientation – upstream is said to represent homosexuality, downstream meaning heterosexuality, while two fish swimming in opposite directions indicate bisexuality – while others feel that the direction symbolizes the status of life struggles, down showing that the wearer is currently struggling, while up means that the problems have already been overcome.

Although koi fish tattoos are often seen as simple pieces that show the fish on its own, some people prefer to create a larger scene. In many cases, the koi fish is depicted in a manner that is similar to traditional woodblock images. These designs frequently show the fish fervently swimming in frothy, brightly-colored water. Sometimes other items, such as flowers or seaweed, are shown floating atop the water that the fish is struggling to swim through. Although these pieces are often cartoon-like in nature, they are also sometimes done in a portrait style that shows the fish and its surroundings in a more realistic manner. Other varieties of this style incorporate unusual colors, like the water may be deep red, while the fish may be done in varying shades of black and grey.

Although it is less common, some people prefer to create koi fish tattoos that morph this creature into different symbols. For example, two koi fish – one swimming up, the other down – may be placed side by side to create a yin yang symbol. They may also be used for the astrological signs of Pisces or Libra. Libra designs may show the koi fish balancing scales, while the connected fish of Pisces may be depicted as colorful kois joined by a line of flowers.


Swallow Tattoos

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Swallow tattoos are a popular design that can have many different meanings all over the world. For a sailor the swallow tattoo was widely known as a status symbol. The origin of the tattoo dates back to a ship called “The Swallow.” The ship had a mutiny and in order for the sailors to know one another they each had a swallow tattooed on their chests. The swallow tattoos were meant to protect the sailor on their journey yet, others believed that if a sailor died at sea and had a swallow tattoo on their chest that it would fly their spirit to heaven. For this reason, swallow tattoos were a great comfort to sailors. swallow tattoosThe first swallow tattoo meant the sailor had traveled 5,000 miles and the second tattoo meant they had traveled 10,000 miles. Swallow tattoos are also a symbol of working-class pride, mostly in the UK. Older men with the swallow tattoo were great fighters in their younger years, the tattoo was supposed to give them fast hands. The tattoos meaning is “these fists fly” and can be located on most commonly be located on the back of hands. Swallow tattoos are also at times used in prison as a sign for “white power”, a gang tattoo at times. Then again some freed prisoners get the swallow tattoo as a sign of freedom.

The swallow is the only bird that mates for life, therefore the tattoo is also a sign of love, hope and loyalty to the family. The tattoo is almost always combined with flowers or stars. Swallow tattoos are often done in pairs, one for life and one for death, one for good and one for evil, along the lines of a yin and yang type tattoo.


Free Tattoo Ideas

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star tattoo designs

American Dog Jesus Rose Heart
American Indian Dolphin Joker Sagittarius
Anchor Dove Kanji Sailor
Angel Dragon Knotwork Scorpio
Angel Devil Dragonfly Koi Fish Scorpion
Angel Wing Dream Catcher Ladybug Sea turtle
Animals Eagle Leo Seahorse
Aquarius Egyptian Leprechaun Shamrock
Aries Elephant Libra Shark
Armbands Fairy Lily Shooting Star
Astrology Fantasy Lion Skeleton
Aztec Feather Literary Skull
Batman Feminine Lizard Snake
Bear Fire and Flame Lotus Spider
Bee Firefighter Love Spirtual
Biker Fish Lower Back Sports
Biomechanical Flag Maori Star
Bird Flower Memorial Strawberry
Breast Cancer Four Leaf Clover Mermaid Sun
Bull Frog Mexican Swallow
Butterfly Gambling Military Sword
Butterfly And Flower Gang Monkey Taurus
Calligraphy Gargoyle Monster Tiger
Cancer Gay & Lesbian Moon Tiki
Capricorn Gecko Movie Tinkerbell
Car Geek Music Toe Ring
Cartoon Gemini Zodiac Mythology Tree
Cat Gothic Native American Tribal
Catholic Greek Nature Tribal Rose
Celebrity Grim Reaper Nautical Star Tribal Sun
Celtic Guitar Navy Turtle
Celtic Shamrock Gun Ocean Unicorn
Celtic Cross Hawaiian Octopus Urban
Celtic Design Hawaiian Flower Oriental Vampire
Celtic Knot Hawaiian Tribal Owl Video Game
Cherry Blossom Heart Panther Vine
Chinese Hebrew Patroitic Virgo
Christian Henna Penguin Warrior
Clover Holy Cross Phoenix Water
Clown Horoscope Pin Up Girl Wing
Cross Horror Pirate Wizard
Cute Fairy Horse Pisces Wolf
Dagger Horseshoe Pitbull Word
Daisy Hummingbird Polynesian Yin Yang
Death In Loving Memory Praying Hands Zodiac Symbol
Deer Indian Raven Zombie
Demon Irish Rebel Flag
Devil Italian Religious

Pisces Tattoos

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Pisces are widely considered to be creative and intuitive, so it is not surprising that those who are born under this sign may love the idea of Pisces tattoos. This sign is said to be the ultimate symbol of duality. As is true of those born with this sign, the symbol itself can represent both highs and lows, motivation and laziness, joy and sadness.

Many Pisces tattoos depict the emblem for this sign, which is made up of two fish swimming in a circle around each other and bound together by a thin band. This style typically depicts either realistic-looking or an old fashioned, illustration-like design. In some cases, the fish may be shown in more of a cartoon style, usually in bright hues with exaggerated features. Small variations and embellishments can make this common design more unique. For instance, the faces of the fish may be done in comedy, tragedy masks, they may be made into the yin yang symbol, or the band may be made of silky ribbon or stars.

Glyph and text pieces are very popular options for Pisces tattoos. The glyph for Pisces is made up of two vertical, slightly curved lines that are connected through the center. This particular style is sometimes done in simple black, but is usually done in bright hues or filled with star-like patterns. Text pieces usually surround a corresponding image and simply convey that the wearer is, indeed, a Pisces. However, some versions of this style will also give a specific birth date or say the name of the sign in a different language.

Some Pisces tattoos are made up of larger scenes that tell a more detailed story about who the wearer is. Many people like to combine the Pisces symbols with other relevant emblems such as flowers, elements or important quotes or sayings. Others like to create intricate scenes. For instance, the scene may depict a man sitting on a dock with a fishing pole that is weighed down by two, side-by-side fish. Another idea would be to place the two fish at opposite sides of the body and connect them with a thin, water-like band.


Free Tattoo Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Are you interested in getting a tattoo? If so Tattoos and Art is happy to provide you with thousands of free tattoo designs, pictures and tattoo ideas. At Tattoos and Art we write about all different kinds of tattoos and their meanings in an effort to educate the common tattoo customer, enthusiast, or artist. We also provide free tattoo designs, pictures and patterns to help you get in touch with your creative mind and decide on your perfect tattoo.

The sole purpose of Tattoos and Art is to provide an insight to various tattoo meanings, provide free tattoo designs, spark your interest with new tattoo ideas and ultimately to educate people with the hope that you know more about tattoos then you did before.

Popular Tattoo Designs

Star Tattoos – From shooting stars to nautical stars, this symbol bears many qualities that make it very popular in all of its forms. It is versatile, unisex and has a vast array of meaning. For instance, the Star of David has a religious significance, while the septagram star represents a certain amount of mysticism; shooting stars are a talisman for luck, while depictions of astrological stars show a connection with the wearer’s connection with the zodiac. >> Star Tattoo Designs

Tribal Tattoos – You can see tribal tattoos by flipping through magazines, watching television or even walking past you on the street. Although these tattoo designs have become very popular in the modern world, their roots span way back, and carry a rich cultural history. They were initially used to signify rank, and although this remains true today, they are often used solely for their aesthetically exquisite and protean designs, often signifying little other than beauty. >> Tribal Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoos – Crosses are one of the most recognizable religious symbols available; however, cross tattoos are used for more than religious meaning. They can be seen in gothic pieces; they can be used as something of a fertility symbol – as in the pagan use of the Celtic cross – or a symbol of healing, as with the caduceus cross. For religious purposes, there are many pieces to choose from like the Greek, Latin and Papal crosses. >> Cross Tattoo Designs

Butterfly Tattoos – Although seen as a simple symbol of femininity, butterfly tattoos have a significance that reaches around the globe. In Japan, the number of butterflies symbolizes the different stages of womanhood, while to the Aztecs and Christians, they are an emblem for a newly freed spirit. However, they are most widely seen as a symbol of transformation. That — along with their undeniable beauty, charm and uniqueness — makes them a very popular tattoo choice. >> Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Lower Back Tattoos – Lower back tattoos gained popularity around the time that a change in fashion sense rolled around; with the advent of low cut jeans and high cut shirts came the idea of body art used artfully to tease. These pieces are often used to show the playful, sexy side of the wearer; while the art itself is generally done in a style that serves to accentuate the curves and femininity of the wearer. >> Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Flower Tattoos – Flower tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most popular tattoo designs in body art. They are used by every culture, gender and age group; they are used by themselves or to frame other symbols. They also carry an array of meaning; jasmine is a symbol of grace, an orchid, delicate beauty. A red rose tattoo is an emblem for love, while a white carnation symbolizes remembrance. You can use flower tattoo designs to express just about anything. >> Flower Tattoo Designs

Heart Tattoos – Hearts are thought to be a symbol of romance and love; they are also used for religious significance, and are thought to be at the center of everything – soul and mind included. There are many ways that people like to depict the heart. Two hearts melded together can mean the love of two people, while a heart ripped in two can express a tragic affair; a heart with wings, a free spirit, and so on. >> Heart Tattoo Designs

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American Indian (51) Compass (17) Greek (27) Mexican (16) Shooting Star (79)
Anchor (53) Cross Tattoos (258) Grim Reaper (65) Military (58) Skeleton (37)
Angel Tattoos (50) Crown Tattoos (39) Guitar (53) Monkey (39) Skull Tattoos (143)
Angel Devil (8) Cute Fairy (87) Gun Tattoos (56) Monster (47) Sleeve Tattoos (167)
Angel Wing (85) Dagger (89) Hawaiian (35) Moon Tattoos (54) Snake (95)
Animal (2,739) Daisy (40) Hawaiian Flower (20) Movie (29) Spider (67)
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Aries Tattoos (55) Deer (24) Heart Tattoos (86) Mythology (18) Sports (48)
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Buddha Tattoos (28) Egyptian (46) Irish (55) Patroitic (83) Tree (82)
Bull (24) Elephant (20) Italian (8) Penguin (12) Tribal Tattoos (73)
Butterfly Tattoos (50) Fairy (87) Japanese (70) Phoenix Tattoos (96) Tribal Rose (39)
Butterfly And Flower (30) Fantasy (63) Jesus (52) Pin Up Girl (113) Tribal Sun (33)
Calligraphy (6) Feather (36) Joker (60) Pirate (62) Turtle (66)
Cancer (7) Feminine (65) Kanji (36) Pisces (25) Unicorn (20)
Capricorn (7) Fire and Flame (23) Knotwork (79) Pitbull (22) Urban Tattoos (15)
Car Tattoo Designs (42) Firefighter (262) Koi Fish (50) Polynesian (34) Vampire (51)
Cartoon (186) Fish Tattoos (152) Ladybug (16) Praying Hands (30) Video Game (30)
Cat Tattoo Designs (50) Flag (35) Leo Tattoo Designs (7) Raven (16) Vine (44)
Catholic (35) Flower (75) Leprechaun (11) Rebel Flag (12) Virgo (16)
Celebrity (26) Four Leaf Clover (36) Libra (9) Religious (660) Warrior (53)
Celtic Tattoos (143) Frog (79) Lily (165) Rose Tattoos (114) Water (32)
Celtic Shamrock (41) Gambling (40) Lion (96) Rose Heart (200) Wing (85)
Celtic Cross (35) Gang (14) Literary (10) Sagittarius (12) Wizard (46)
Celtic Design (30) Gargoyle (36) Lizard (54) Sailor (24) Wolf (114)
Celtic Knot (79) Gay & Lesbian (7) Lotus (91) Scorpio (34) Word (104)
Cherry Blossom (81) Gecko (25) Love (47) Scorpion (101) Yin Yang (65)
Chinese (93) Geek (17) Lower Back (69) Sea turtle (66) Zodiac Symbol (230)
Christian (115) Geisha Tattoos (57) Maori (69) Seahorse (42) Zombie (69)