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Over the years, Spanish tattoos have become increasingly popular. Although much of this increase is simply due to cultural pride, some of it can also be traced to the beauty of the language and art that goes hand in hand with said culture. Though most of these pieces are made up of common quotes or phrases that are translated into this language, many others are a harmony of text and images.

A lot of the Spanish tattoos that are made up solely of text contain either flamboyant, brilliantly-colored fonts, or lettering that is dark and dense. Many of these pieces consist of common Spanish proverbs like, “perro que no camina, no encuentra hueso,” or “no hay mal que por bien no venga.” However, it is not unusual to see song lyrics, poems or even prayers. Text pieces may also bear borders such as vines dotted with poinsettias, frangipanis or bougainvilleas; they may be made up of stunning blue, gold, green or aqua tiles; or simple scrolling designs.

Many Spanish tattoos consist of meaningful iconography. One of the most popular examples are flags; however, they may also contain a coat of arms, paintings, emblems, or spiritual symbolism. Religious symbols are, in fact, extremely popular in Spanish pieces. These often depict items such as crosses and crucifixes, saints, angels, candles and bibles, all of which are commonly surrounded by quotes, prayers or bible verses translated into the Spanish language. Some of these pieces also consist of a more light-hearted, fanciful theme. For instance, you may see a pin up-style salsa or flamenco dancer – often backed up by colorfully attired guitarists. Others might show otherworldly creatures and spirits of myth, such as Gaueko – an upright-walking wolfhound known as the “Lord of the Black Magic” – or La Llorona, sometimes referred to as “the weeping woman.” Ancient Aztec designs are also quite popular in Spanish pieces, and can depict anything from status markings, to a plethora of gods.

Spanish tattoos can mean many things to many people, but whatever your reasons may be, you can be certain that the piece you design carries a rich and stunning history unlike any other.

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