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Sport tattoos are fairly simple in meaning; they show pride in a persons’ particular team, or their favorite sport. What varies is the sort of person who wears them; it could be a hardcore fanatic, a passionate player, or a show of support to a loved one who is making a go of it.

Many people like to show their support in a particular team by using the teams’ logo or mascot. For instance a Bears fan might use the literal translation and depict an aggressive bear bursting through the team logo; or a fan of Notre Dame may show the image of a leprechaun in a fighting stance.

Other people prefer sport tattoos that express their passion for a particular game. A hockey enthusiast may sport the colors of their favorite team, but rather than wear the team logo, they may simply use the hockey sticks crossed over a waiting puck. Some people may also mix symbols; for instance, a flaming soccer ball kicked into the air, or a winged basketball. For those who support a particular player, they may use a banner style featuring names and dates, with the players’ number emblazoned on a ball.

Some people also like to create broad scenes with their sport tattoos. The image of a football field with the players in their uniforms, and the cityscape of their hometown in the background. Others, however, may prefer something more modest, and simply use the name of their team. They may use script or simple Arial font; you may also occasionally see this style with a border. This border can be either an outline of the sporting paraphernalia of their choice, or even carry a more tribal look, with sharp, sweeping edges. The latter will often be shown in the teams’ colors.

Although sport tattoos may seem a bit frivolous to some, the people who get them will usually tell you that the excitement of the game, the thrill of the crowds and the connection with fellow fans is something that simply will not fade.

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