Star Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

Star tattoos are some of the most common pieces around. This is due, in part, to the fact that stars are flexible in terms of design and can easily be worn by either men or women. In addition, the image of a star can be very meaningful, and its symbolism ranges from ambition to protection, pride in heritage or beliefs to luck.

The symbolism of star tattoos typically depends on the type of star used. Two of the most popular styles are the Star of David and the pentagram, both of which have roots in religious imagery. The Star of David is a significant symbol of Judaism and is thought to represent many things. Some wear this star as a way of expressing pride in their beliefs or as a representation of their connection with God. Although many people wear the Star of David in a simple way, some like to add color that is in some way significant. Some also like to add extra imagery to help enhance the meaning of this emblem, such as richly-hued flames or water, religious text or elaborate patterns. The pentagram is often associated with Wiccan beliefs. In this instance, the intricate five-sided star is meant to signify five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The pentagram has other meanings as well. For instance, if it faces down it is thought to be an emblem of the Devil; however, in any other form this star is considered a symbol of balance and protection.

Nautical and shooting stars are also common types of star tattoos. The nautical star has a long history and was once used superstitiously by sailors in the hope that wearing this image would help guide them safely home. This symbolism is still sometimes used today, though in a less literal sense. Generally, nautical star pieces are meant as emblems of protection and guidance through life. These pieces may be done simply, but are usually very colorful and are often surrounded by other nautical-themed images like swallows, anchors or fish. Though shooting stars may sometimes bear a more lighthearted meaning, they often symbolize a moment in a time that has left a deep and lasting impression. Often times, shooting stars are done in light hues, but may also appear in blazing shades of blue, orange or red.

Celestial and cartoon-based star tattoos are very popular options. These pieces are often meant to symbolize dreams and ambitions, positivity and lightheartedness. In some cases, colorful – often intricate – individual stars are created for these tattoos; however, some people prefer to use large groups of stars to create a more dramatic effect. These styles often mingle stars with other related images such as planets or astrological signs.

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  1. juanita Said,

    nice tat!!

  2. admin Said,

    Glad you like em juanita !

  3. diane Said,

    whooo nice

  4. aubrey Said,

    heyy i just wanted to say that these are really cool

  5. Alexis Said,

    Do you guys have any rest in peace tattoo ideas?
    or ideas for a tattoo that says Envy Me or somethin like that?

  6. keith Said,

    i love tattoo collection and i find tattoo designs of different nature that is designs, colors, size, theme etc as a hobby, tattoo are really cool

    Tribal Arm Tattoos

  7. JASMINE Said,

    these are some pretty tattoos but some of you all went to far with them

  8. jessi Said,

    the guy who has the stars that starts just below his thumb and wraps around to the bottom of his hand. Love it.

  9. jada Said,

    i like those tats but i woukd like a star tat that is a little bit smaller.

  10. Donny D Said,

    What does the star tattoo mean, The star that men put uom there upper chest?

  11. marie Said,

    these are awesome…i need a combination of a star and tribal tattoo if thats possible..any ideas?

  12. kathrine Said,

    their kewl lookin for one to go aroung tha top of my hand to my elbow any ideas

  13. angie Said,

    hey sexii tats:) wat are the black & white ones called?!

  14. angie Said,

    i hate when people say tats are ugly this iz a way to express who we are so get over it!!!i like all the tats i see cuz there different in there own way<333

  15. shawnte Said,

    I LOVE STARS……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Admin - David Said,

    I agree with you Angie.

  17. Ranuka Said,

    i am looking for a cresent moon with some small stars from the inside out for the middle of my shoulder blades. do u have any ideas??????

  18. karissa Said,

    omg i have a natica star tattoo on my right shoulder and i love itim planin on gettin another one on my left shoulder =]

  19. star tattoo lover Said,

    I love star tattoo. I have a star tattoos on my back, ankle, shoulder and between my chest. Your post is right their are so many trendy star tattoos out their and makes me think where they are originated. To your post I’ve learn a lot. Thanks to the information posted.

  20. James Said,

    Nautical star on right bicep :)

  21. Heather Black Said,

    I love these tats..I am looking to get a star tat on my foot, but I heard they hurt really bad. I got my first tat back in March and am totally addicted…

  22. Nicole Said,

    im gettin a tattoo for im 18th next year im wanting to get stars goin up my stomach trying to find somethin for the design, there are so many things that look like so you have any ideas i would love to see :)

  23. rachel Said,

    Hello do you all have any ambigram tattoo designs for free i cant find a web site that will let me print them off for free or send them to my email for free my husband wants my name rachel and when turned upside down it reads forever in old english and i want his name damion and when turned upside down reads forever in script but cannot find an great website to get these printed off or sent to our email to get printed off for free ive been to though but it requires a credit card like all the other sites do any suggestions?

  24. tattoo design Said,

    Depending on how they are designed and what part of the body they are inked, they could really symbolize serenity and sense of calmness. As long as it’s not overly done, I think they are very stylish and can say a lot about the personality of the person.

  25. Rachel Said,

    I got a star tattoo its green with black swirls in it with purple smoke around it

  26. deck arzola Said,

    i have my star tattoo on may wrist and i’m glad others appreciate it…

  27. Crawfs Said,

    I currently have a pentragram star on my right peck and am looking to extend it into a shield design onto my right arm with a sort of cycle of life theme, starting with fire at the bottom of the tattoo halfway down my arm then going into water, then into a sky theme where i was hoping to iuncorperate a shooting star design in to the star that i already have… any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

  28. Nicola Said,

    I want a tattoo of my daughters name on the back of my neck, the only thing is no-one can quite get the design i have in mind right…. I’m looking for the name actually written by the burnig tail of a shooting star with the star at the end. If anyone knows where i can find someone to do the design that I want please let me know.. Thank you all

  29. Dujon Said,

    I wanna get a tattoo but I’m scared of the pain honestly how much does it hurt around the abdominal area

  30. KatarinaM Said,

    I wanna get star tatttoo on my neck so badly even tho i just turned 16 recently. then iwant a rose tattoo on my shoulder brothers name on it. then iwant butterflys on my left shoulder.

  31. Bex Said,

    love the star designs am having another star on my wrist tomorrow :)

  32. heather123 Said,

    i got a bunch of stars on my right foot and i love it i want more stars goimg up my side any ideas???

  33. heather123 Said,

    i got a bunch of stars on my foot and i love it i want some more stars going up my side but i want it 2 b unique any ideas????

  34. shalia Said,

    the gurl who has that green and blue tatoo with the yarn or whatever the hell it is looks a damn mess what the hell who the hell mad you do that FYI WEAR A LONG SLEVE TEE-SHIRT!

  35. shalia Said,

    * excuse me made lol

  36. Cody canida Said,

    What’s the name of the star with the two different colors cuz I’m thinking bout’ getting one like that.

  37. JP Said,

    zomfg…I’m just like 25 million other people with my star tattoos. Totally gonna regret those in ten years. Unlike the shaved pube faze…these dumb ass tattoos are for life.

  38. mario Said,

    am thinking of putting on a tattoo with a cross on my back and an two wings on it have any idea

  39. tom jugjali Said,

    mindblowing tattooo i m really like it ………..

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