Strawberry Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Strawberry tattoos may seem a bit unusual, but strawberries — along with many other fruits — have long been seen as a thing of sensuality. Juicy and piquant, these fruits are often seen as a symbol of carnality and are associated with all of the physical and emotional pleasures of love.

There are a variety of designs you can use for strawberry tattoos. Many of these designs are realistic in appearance; a bold red body, with small brown seeds and a green, leafy stem. Most of these are simple, and show the plump fruit whole, while others may have the strawberry cut in half. Cut in half, you can add many other symbols; luscious red lips, a pink blossom, or even an eye looking out at its viewers. Although unrealistic in color, you can also create a unique piece with a similar style to that of the Dutch delft blue tiles. These are usually done in varying shades of blue and white, and use exaggerated proportions to depict the succulent fruits.

Illustrations and graphic designs may also be utilized to create an interesting piece. Some examples of this would be the geometric strawberry; this design can depict the basic shapes of the strawberry, and can either be filled in, bare, or marked and numbered — as in a drawing guide. Other strawberry tattoos may show this piece of fruit in a stark three dimensional sketch, which generally has a good deal of shading, or even a metallic appearance, so as to make it look as though it was protruding from the skin. Many people also like to use anatomical images for their strawberry tattoos. One idea is to depict the strawberry as a heart; this can either be shown mid-beat from an open chest cavity, or simply melded into the shape of a heart illustration. Occasionally, people will show the strawberry as bleeding or pierced. The seeds may also be shown as small daggers or barbed wire surrounding the strawberry heart.

Strawberry tattoos can occasionally be morphed into a darker image; however, most of these designs are whimsical and light hearted. Whichever way they go, though, strawberry tattoos will undoubtedly remain a sultry and sweet symbol.

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