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Toe ring tattoos have become more and more popular as of late. People seem to love accessorizing their feet with various things such as toe nail polish, rings, ankle bracelets, you name it people have tried it. Toe ring tattoos have become an up and coming trend in the tattoo world and it looks as if toe ring tattoos are here to stay.

A toe ring tattoo can offer several advantages over wearing a traditional toe ring. I would like to take this opportunity to examine the differences between the two to demonstrate why toe ring tattoos are becoming more popular every day.

  • 1. The Comfort toe ring tattoos can provide
  • If you have worn a toe ring before you know just how uncomfortable they can be. No matter how good it looked on your foot you simply couldn’t get over the discomfort it would cause. Toe rings have always been uncomfortable but as humans we are willing to deal with the discomfort for the trade off of an “ego” boost that a toe ring can provide. (as silly as that sounds, its true) Toe ring tattoos can accomplish the look desired without having to deal with discomfort that a traditional toe ring will cause.

  • 2. Say goodbye to labor!
  • With any piece of jewlry including toe rings, you have to clean them regularly. With a toe ring tattoo no labor is required. Of course, after getting your toe ring tattoo there will be a little maintenance to do afterwords, but that’s with any tattoo. After this you won’t have to worry about cleaning your toe ring AND remembering to put it back on.

  • 3. Toe ring tattoos are permanent!
  • Well this is quite the obvious statement but it does deserve to be said because it’s a great advantage over a traditional toe ring. Once you get your toe ring tattoo it’s there, forever! This can be significant because how many times have you found a toe ring that fits you perfectcly providing minimal discomfort? It doesn’t happen often and generally people will buy toe rings that are larger and end up losing them at some point. Walking on the beach, playing volleyball, running in saddles, all are reasons of why I’m sure some of you have lost your toe rings. Another advantage of a toe ring tattoo being permanent is that you will never lose it! Many people will take off their toe rings to clean them, or because it will cause discomfort. Once your toe ring is off you have not only remember where you put it but also remember to put it back on. Toe ring tattoos can eliminate these problems.

With what we have discovered it looks as though we can say that toe ring tattoos can accomplish everything a normal toe ring can but without discomfort, labor worrying about losing it, and worrying about if it’s on in the first place.

Toe Ring Tattoos – Fading?

Tattoos fade over time, it’s a sad but true fact. Generally toe ring tattoos fade quicker than tattoos on other parts of your body. The reason for this is because when you wear shoes or socks the skin can grow moist and will lead to natural skin slough off. With toe ring tattoos it can be more troublesome to care for it. Fresh tattoos are supposed to be open to the air and with toe ring tattoos this might not always be easy to accomplish.

If you plan on getting a toe ring tattoo try not to have the design go fully around your toe. The top part of your toe will work fine and accomplish the look you desire and nobody will ever know. If you do decide to get your toe ring tattoo around your entire toe be aware of the fact that the wear and tear you put on your feet will cause the bottom to fade quicker.

Toe Ring Tattoos – The Pain

As you well know everyone has their own threshold when it comes to pain. I have heard people say toe ring tattoos are the most painful out of any other body part they have had tattooed. However, people also say the tattoo was fairly harmless and was definitely worth it. Keep in mind that with toe ring tattoos it’s easy to flinch while getting worked on. If you happen to be ticklish find a way not to be. Your tattoo artist will definitely appreciate the effort leaving you a better chance of being happy with your toe ring tattoo.

Toe Ring Tattoo Designs

I would suggest looking at actual toe rings and picking your design from there. Below are some unique and free tattoo designs and patterns of toe ring tattoos.

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