Tribal Rose Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Roses have long been a symbol of romance and beauty, but they are also such versatile images that their symbolism can easily be changed. Tribal rose tattoos are a great example of this as they are often worn as a way of representing tough femininity. Many think of Maori-inspired artwork when it comes to this symbol, and while this style is a popular choice, there are other options such as Celtic or Asian tribal tattoos.

Tribal rose tattoos are frequently abstract in appearance. These pieces often show the roses mingled into patterns that bear pointed lines and sharp, geometrical designs. In some cases, the rose sits in the foreground of these patterns – simply adding a bit of color – while in others, they are twined into the intricate designs or made to look pierced by them.

Although many pieces will have a wild, abstract look, some tribal rose tattoos take on a distinctly elegant appearance. These pieces often show a single black rose that is drawn petal by petal, with a long, jagged stem and small, pointy leaves. In some cases, the head of the rose may be done in a bright color, such as red or yellow, while the body remains dark. One unusual idea would be to create a bouquet of these blossoms that is held together by a brightly-colored ribbon, or have them sprouting from a sharp-looking vine that creeps around an arm or a leg.

For a more unique take on tribal rose tattoos, Celtic and Asian designs are great options. Celtic pieces that are mingled with this symbol often incorporate intricate knotwork. The head of the rose, the stem or even the appearance of a root system may be made out of these attractive knots. Asian-inspired tribal rose tattoos may feature either sharp or rounded, sometimes even curled, lines that are often done in shades of blue-green or red. Rather than mingling with the image of the rose, these designs are typically used as a background to help enhance this flower’s natural beauty. For an interesting variation on this piece, trim the head of the rose in a gold-like hue.

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