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It may seem strange to some why a person would get a turtle printed on their body, but given that turtle tattoos are said to be a symbolization of wisdom, patience and even a sign of longevity, the whole idea makes a lot more sense.

Many turtle tattoos show this creature in a more realistic fashion; a brown head and limbs with shells that range in color from green and yellow, to varying shades of reds and browns. Some may choose to make their turtle tattoos brighter, using bold sea colored blues, neon greens and light purples. It is also fairly common to see a turtle with its literal shape, but with a variety of other symbols placed upon its shell, such as flowers, peace and yin yang signs.

Turtle tattoos can either be placed by them self, or within in a scene. There are many stories that go along with this fascinating reptile, and these stories can be used to create fantastic pictures. One example of this is the myth that the Earth is carried on the back of a large turtle. For this story, you can depict the turtle floating just below the surface of the ocean with a large forest upon its shell; you can also show the turtle with its back facing the onlooker. This depiction can be made very elaborate with small towns and cities, forests, people and other animals.

Many people like to spice up their turtle tattoos by mixing the turtle with other creatures. Some of the most common mixtures include fire breathing dragons, winged angels and occasionally, broadly grinning demons. Another variation are tribal and calligraphy designs. These two styles vary, but are similar in the fact that the lines are often quite dark and sharp. The tribal style will often feature a well rounded head and pointed fins, with an intricate design on the back. The calligraphy approach generally shows broad, sweeping strokes, as if printed directly from a pen.

Many people also like to use a cartoon style in their turtle tattoos. Some people like to use something akin to a comic strip; large, almost detached eyes and a large grin, with a heavy shell that looks similar to a loose sweater. There can also be props in this style, like boxing gloves, crowns and sometimes even homes carried on their back.

So whether you simply have an affinity for these peaceful creatures, or feel that these brave and steady reptiles connect with your own personality, turtle tattoos are a unique way to express yourself.

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