Unicorn Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Unicorns are a symbol of our fantasies. They represent one of the many creatures in a peaceful and magical existence that we can only dream about. The person who favors unicorn tattoos may simply crave the world that these figures are a part of.

Unicorn tattoos may also represent a struggle for dominance in human nature. In most folkloric tales, it was impossible to tame the unicorn, except by the purest of hands. The picture of a newly docile unicorn with its head in the lap of a sweet, blue and white sheathed maiden may be a great way to express this idea. Another interesting way to depict this image is of the unicorn running free from a broken chain with that same sweet maiden astride its back.

Unicorn tattoos will often feature bright colors, usually in pinks, purples and light blues. Many of these tattoos show a mistily defined portrait of the unicorn in an equally magical forest; sometimes in mid-gallop, sometimes standing perfectly still and staring straight at the onlooker. A lot of people prefer to use a bust portrait, which allows for a great deal of detail on the horn, mane, and expression of the unicorn.

Unicorn tattoos may depict a realistic creature, or something entirely unnatural. One example of this is the Victorian carousel horse. With an unusually elongated body, stately head and exaggerated features, these unicorns can have quite a bit of color and detail. Their mane may be long and flowing, or have a slight wave; they may have intricate, spiraling patterns, or be smooth and silky. They may even have a bold checkerboard pattern to their fur, and a sharp, golden horn and hooves.

Many people prefer to have unicorn tattoos that feature multiple fantasy figures. Some images that would make for great designs would be of a unicorn racing with a Pegasus, consorting with a centaur, or in battle with a dragon. In mythology, the unicorn was also said to fight with the lion. The unicorn represents spring, and the lion summer; each year they would battle for supremacy of the season. In this representation you could create a vivid picture; the unicorn in a spring setting, with flowers blooming all around him, and the lion in a summer scene, with a bright and scorching sun at its back.

Unicorn tattoos may be an adult version of a childlike ideal. Unicorns often represent the beauty and innocence of most fantasies, and these tattoos may just be an outward expression of the same characteristics.

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