Urban Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

urban tattoosUrban tattoos, unlike the majority of body art, tend to symbolize very little in themself; they are merely an aesthetic style. However, you are given an almost endless amount of choices when it comes to filling in the finer details of this unique style, which can help you to tell a rich story all of your own.

The idea behind urban tattoos it to replicate images seen down streets, on cars and in art; for instance, urban tattoos often feature scrawling, graffiti-like script that boldly states names, quotes and occasionally dates. Others may also feature a mural style. These designs often mingle images of importance to the wearer, such as family members, political figures and classic stars. These pictures tend to be spliced with other things like trees, oceans, flowers; sometimes stark geometrical patterns are also utilized. This design is almost invariably colorful, though they may occasionally be done in monotone shades, with random bursts of color to set off the scene.

Some urban tattoos use a design that is similar in appearance to airbrush art, and often use similar symbols. This style generally appears to have a light, diaphanous haze surrounding it; the lines being unclear, with highly saturated colors all coming together to create a bold image. Some of the most commonly used images for this style show dragons, religious figures, and — quite frequently — clowns. Clowns are generally done in a modern gangster style, and may have a smokey cigar between its lips and cash in its collar.

A lot of urban tattoos feature people as well. Many show the modern and old fashioned gangster; there are even occasionally versions of these archetypes featuring a pin up style model. Usually they are done in reds and monotone hues, and show symbols such as cars, handcuffs or currency symbols. Skulls and skeletons are also regularly shown in these designs. They may show a skeleton leaning against a car in a suit and fedora; arm wrapped a scantily clad vixen; drink in one hand, cigarette in another. They may also show just the hat-wearing skull with dollar signs in its eyes, screeching wheels below it, and possibly even flames shooting from behind it.

The beautiful thing about urban tattoos is that you have a remarkable style that you can meld and bend into your own meaning. These designs can tell everything from who you are, where you have been, and where you would like to go. They can also make for beautiful and intricate conversation starters that are certain to be totally unique.

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