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The warrior is a symbol of strength, courage, endurance and on occasion — nobility. Warrior tattoos are meant to illustrate these characteristics in its wearer; to show the fight that he or she is making or has made in their own life, and the passion with which they do it.

Most people will choose a realistic facsimile of a warrior. However, what type of figure they choose can vary widely.

Two of the most common figures in warrior tattoos are the Viking and Trojan warriors. The Viking warrior has an almost earthy quality; his attire may be sparse, light brown cloth, but his weapons are large, metallic and deadly. He often bears a stern, heavily lined expression and wears a large head of hair and long beard. The Viking warrior may also be covered in intricate designs of Celtic scroll work. The Trojan warrior, on the other hand, may be sparse in the fact that he reveals a good deal of bare skin; he is mainly covered in heavy, elaborate armor and a large, colorful helmet. His weapons are lighter, but equally menacing and his expression is usually the same.

Japanese warrior tattoos are also very popular. The samurai warrior has held a massive fascination for the western world, and many people like to incorporate this figure into their art. These images are often quite elaborate and colorful. They are also easy to fit into a variety of scenes. They regularly show a warrior with a severe look in an attack stance, weapon poised, flowing robes in a state of motion.

One of the lesser used, but equally brilliant warrior tattoos is the Aztec warrior. These images often show a strong, powerful man surrounded by massive wings or wearing a large, feathered headdress. He is often shown looking serenely upon his land, but still ready to attack at any moment.

Warrior tattoos can often be expansive, but even if you decide on something a bit simpler, the expression of strength and power will still be clear.

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  1. Zenko Said,

    I’ve always felt a sort of thrill seeking, take your breath away , warrior feeling quite comforting. I’m a first generation American born in Chicago of legalized immigrant parents from the Ukraine. Ukraine was home at times to, Cossacks, Mongols, Turks, Persians and more. All excellent and ruthless warriors. I’m looking fof a tattoo that will pay homage to my past brethren. Can anyone out there give me a hand with this, it would be much appreciated..thanks..,zen

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