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In dreams, werewolves are considered to be a symbol of dark transformation, in fiction they are an image of wickedness and evil. In body art they are thought to encompass all of these things, plus a sense of raw, uninhibited sensuality. For all of these reasons, werewolf tattoos are considered one of the most highly prized horror pieces around.

Many werewolf tattoos take on a fantasy theme. These often depict a foul beast stalking the streets on a moonlit night. Some of these pieces are done in black and skin tones; others may take on a heavy green or light blue tone. In this style, you may also see a scene. Usually this scene is set into a Victorian era alley: cobblestone streets, tall and aged buildings, and a man ripping from his fancy garb while transforming into a hairy, muscular beast. You may also see him fully transformed and placed on top of a tilted, tiled roof like a gargoyle staring out into the street. You may also occasionally see the werewolf in a forest, pacing through the grass or sitting on top of a rock; maybe even chasing after unsuspecting prey.

Some werewolf tattoos take on a distinctively kitschy feel. These often show a more suave animal, usually dressed to the nines in a double breasted suit, silk tie, top hat and spats; usually with a cigar or cocktail pressed between sharp claws. You may also see a female werewolf in this particular style. Equally well dressed, curvaceous and covered in fur. In this fashion, the werewolves may look entirely nonchalant, or still bear the angry, frothing countenance of a traditional werewolf.

Occasionally, people like to create werewolf tattoos that are emblems rather than literal translations. One example of this would be to create a small circular piece that looks something like a metal stamp. This design could feature long, pointed ears, nose and fangs, and glowing red or green eyes. You could also create a crest with the image of a werewolf by either placing the werewolf to one side, or creating the crest out of the half human, half beast hide. With the crest style, you might want to include other symbols; symbols that enhance the wickedness of the animal, or contrast between good and evil.

Werewolf tattoos can make for very interesting pieces. They encompass both the human and the animal, fear and transformation that lies within the wearer.

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