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Wizards have been a part of mythology for ages. Their stories evoke an image of power and mystery that is rivaled by few other archetypes. To many people wizard tattoos call forth this mystifying picture and they often use it as an expression of the power that they feel within themselves.

Many people choose wizard tattoos that show the wizened, long-bearded old man. This figure is often meant to represent a kindly conjurer and they are usually seen casting a lightning bolt from a gnarled cane, or making predictions with a crystal ball.

Some people, however, use the darker version of a wizard. These characters normally carry a more ominous expression, and are shown creating havoc and often feature equally sinister figures such as flame breathing dragons, demons and occasionally the devil himself.

Wizard tattoos can also have a slant towards popular culture. The appearances of wizards in literature and film has had spikes in popularity over the decades and have recently become very popular again. Some people like to use scenes from these sources to express their appreciation and fondness for the art that has gone into these stories.

One of the great things about wizard tattoos is that they are often set in a scene and tell a story. The good wizard in purple, red or white robes standing on top of a mountain, calling fire from the skies; the dark wizard in black robes in deliberation with an archaic depiction of the devil.

There are limitless ways to depict your wizard; whether good or evil, in motion or as a single figure surrounded by many others symbols. Whatever you decide upon, you are certain to add a feeling of magic and mystery to your body art.

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