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Although they are often frowned upon, due mainly to social stigmas, many people choose to get wrist tattoos for exactly that purpose. Whatever the tattoo itself may signify, the placement is often a form of rebellion and free expression. This placement is by far one of the most visible, and may make it more difficult for those working in a more formal atmosphere, as many of these jobs request a candidate with no visible body art. What is more, this is considered one of the more painful locations for a tattoo, as there is little fat stored on the wrist, and the skin tends to be more delicate.

The majority of wrist pieces can be seen in the form of a closed or partial bracelet; however, they may also be placed at the top of the wrist – sometimes extending out onto the hand – at the bottom, or along the sides. When placed along the sides of the wrist, they are sometimes spread to either the hand or the arm; these pieces are generally made up of long items such as pieces of ribbon, guns or swords, but may also consist of flowing water, fire, or shooting stars. Those who choose bracelet wrist tattoos generally decide on a pattern rather than a picture, as the small area of skin available makes it difficult to incorporate a good deal of detail. Some of the more popular patterns include more info

Greek key; decorative knots such as the Carrick bend, the good luck knot, or the diamond knot; or spiraling, freehand-type designs – sometimes in the Celtic style. Wrist cuffs which extend to the middle of the forearm are also quite popular, and may depict a bit more detail; however, they are generally made up of armor, animal fur patterns, or dense wording that tells a story or poem.

Inner wrist tattoos are also very popular, as they are more easily hidden than the other varieties. These pieces are generally quite small, and often depict one or two diminutive symbols that are of significance to the wearer. These objects may include everything from a complete or broken heart, to four leaf clovers, short quotes, stars, and kanji symbols. Upper wrist pieces, like their lower counterparts, are generally tiny; however, they may become larger if they are spread to the upper arm or hand, and may be made up of everything from tiny scenes to intricate patterns, flower corsages to religious emblems.

Though wrist tattoos may be quite interesting, it is important to think long and hard about this particular placement. If you want your tattoo to be bold and obvious, this is a fantastic option. On the other hand, if you are working in a more conservative field, you may want to consider a more discreet location.

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