Yin Yang Tattoos, Designs, Pictures, and Ideas

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Yin yang tattoos have always been a symbol to their wearers of the duality of life and nature. The yin yang is an expression of light and dark, life and death, male and female. In fact, it is an expression of all of life’s contrasts.

There are a variety of ways that you can display yin yang tattoos, and it all comes down to what you say with your tattoo. There is an endless amount of symbols that can go along with this style, such as flowers (which have an assortment of meanings of their own), hearts, stars, fire and countless other symbols.

The yin yang can be created into a symbol of love for some, as the yin cannot exist without the yang. This can easily be expressed by morphing the traditional round emblem into a heart shape and surrounding it in roses. Other people like to use yin yang tattoos as a symbol of strength and place it on the breastplate of a warrior in battle; or with a white dragon wrapped around a black circle, and a black dragon wrapped around a white circle.

You can also use the elements in your yin yang tattoos. Using contrasting elements such as water and fire, or earth and a gusty depiction of air can create an interesting counterpoint. Some people also like to use animals or fantasy creatures in this style. An example of this would be showing a meek-looking rabbit wrapped around one side and fierce tiger on the other. For a more interesting effect, this can be done in a similar style to Japanese watercolors.

There are so many ways you can use yin yang tattoos to show your understanding and acceptance of all of life’s variety. Find the symbol that expresses just how you think and feel, and mix it with this simple, elegant figure.

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