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Zombies have made their own indentation in history. Some of their earliest incarnations stems from the spiritual belief in Voodoo, which tells the story of deceased humans being reanimated by a sorcerer. But they are most recognizable in films, and have become one of the most terrifying emblems in horror culture. Zombie tattoos have grown to be a symbol of peoples’ fascination with life, death and everything in between.

Many people like to use a kitschier image with their zombie tattoos. These take on a distinctly Halloween-ish image, and are usually quite colorful. They often depict the image of a decaying body, walking stiffly with a blank expression on their face. Some people also like to use a more graphic image, showing scenes akin to George Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead.’

Other people prefer zombie tattoos that look more like a cartoon. These creatures tend to have more exaggerated features; a head that is mostly skull and exposed brain, exceptionally large eyes (usually with one falling from the socket) and torn, bloodied clothing.

Occasionally, you will see a more realistic depiction. These images are quite eerie, as they show something similar in appearance to a portrait of a person with decayed features, often covered in blood and gore.

One of the more unique zombie tattoos available are the 19th century medical lithographs. There were many strange theories on reanimation, and the images displayed in textbooks can easily be translated into an interesting piece.

In history, literature and film, zombies have and will continue to fascinate and horrify us. So long as these images continue to have such a strong effect on us, the call for these designs will continue to have a place in our culture.

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